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Selected Publications

"Future Now"100 Contemporary Artists from the  Aesthetica Art Prize, image & Text

"Future Now", 100 Contemporary Artists from the  Aesthetica Art Prize.

Exhibition Catalog "I to Eye", Painting, The Israel Museun, Jerusalem.

"Panoramic Window" , Painting on the cover of the exhibition catalog

"Panoramic Window" , Painting and text in the catalog

"Good Word"- Scool book for sixth grade- CET (The Center for Educational Technology),

Write a story about the painting card players

"NIW", The Dutch Jewish weekly Magazine, Achsal Vissal, Image & text. 

The cover of the book children, Tamar Marin, The painting Michaela & Victor 

The Israeli are coming , Catalog, Gallery bij de Boeken,  Image & text.

 Tzrif ,The magazine of the Department of Literature at the Ben-Gurion University, Images.

 Box games catalog, Gallery of the David Yallin college, Image & text

The cover of the book family honor, Rogel Alfer, The painting 5 balloons

The spirit of Israel catalog 2015, Museum Hrtzelilnbloom, Pages 74-75 

The spirit of Israel Catalog 2015, Museum Hrtzelilnbloom,Pages 73/76 

And Magazine, Journal of art and culture, No. 2, Post image (1)

And Magazine  Journal
of art and culture, No. 2, Post image (2)

Grante, Literature magazine, No 2, image.

Vitrina, Ha-ir Tel Aviv, Haaretz Newspaper, Text & Image

Catalog of fresh Paint 3, Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, 2 Images

Magazine Tav-Plus, music/ art/ society, No. 7, Image(1)

Magazine Tav-Plus music/ art/ society , No. 7, Image(2)

Glasses, Journal of art, How much does an art exhibition, Image


Aestetica Art Prize 2018 , Aesthetica Magazine, Image and Text

 "I to Eye", Exhibition siteThe Israel Museun, Jerusalem,  images & Text

Gelderse Post, Oude Ijsselstreek, An article in a Dutch newspaper, image and text

Hotem, art & literature magazine,Artist Page, Conversation

Hotem, art & literature magazine, Issue 11, male, image

TheArtLab, Contemporary Israeli Art, Artist page, text and images

Fresh paint, contemporary art fair, artists'greenhouse, Tel Aviv, image

Site of AND Magazine,Journal of art & culture, image 
Site of the Curator Tali Tamir, image

Artispo-Israeli Art, images